Community Outreach Program

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Our Communities

Our team staffs the monthly Community Development Corporation (CDC) meetings of our 10 member communities. We welcome participation from community members who would like to offer ideas. Follow the link to find more information about our CDCs.

Upcoming Events

We assist our CDCs and other MVI program teams in holding meetings and hosting events in our communities. While some events are put on by a particular CDC, some focus on bringing the services MVI offers to the people in the community. Check out our calendar to see what’s coming up!

About the Community Outreach Program

Community Outreach Infographic 2016

Ideas, like large rivers, never have just one source…

The MVI Community Outreach Team works with volunteers in our 10 Community Development Corporations (CDCs) to help guide them to develop strategies to achieve their goals. The team is also responsible for the communications efforts, including both print and social media, and special events planning in the CDCs and the Mon Valley Initiative. The events coordinated by this team include MVI’s Annual Dinner and Community Awards, Open House events, Groundbreaking and Ribbon Cutting ceremonies, conferences, and workshops.

The lifeblood of our organization, volunteers in our CDCs donate their own time and energy for the improvement of their communities. Because of the wide variety of challenges our CDCs face in their efforts to revitalize their communities, building and maintaining strong CDCs is our Outreach Team’s most crucial responsibility.

Our Community Outreach Team also works closely with the MVI Board of Delegates to identify member CDCs who could benefit from extra MVI assistance to build the overall strength of their CDC. We strive to provide CDCs with focused time to support the growth and stability of their organization.

Please contact us with any questions or to find out more about our Outreach Program! View our Resources page for more contacts in our communities!