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These are a Few of Our Favorite Things

Because our COO John Bixler is usually responsible for coordinating the recognition of employee anniversaries, we missed it when he hit his 10 year mark in April! To make up for it, we had everyone share their favorite thing about John and something that they think John adds to the MVI team. At yesterday’s staff meeting, we had to guess who said what about John – can you?


Mystery staff #1: “John is a fantastic meeting facilitator. He can move the conversation along and get things accomplished while still keeping everyone in a positive mood!”


Mystery staff #2: “John has a great ability to calmly manage staff, situations, and relationships without letting personal opinions and tangential topics get in the way.”


Mystery staff #3: “John provides a great deal of direction for every MVI team.”


Mystery staff #4: “A true Operations Man! He keeps us on track and brings things to order with authority infused with humor and kindness!”


Mystery staff #5: “He has helped me through the tricky world of nonprofits!”


Mystery staff #6: “He works hard to make meetings more efficient.”


Mystery staff #7: “He brings a calm, reasoned approach to issues, focusing on problem resolution.”


Mystery staff #8: “I think he has brought that steadfastness to the organization as a whole, his ability to wrangle different personalities into a focused direction. And when he cuts the lawn, he can cut very straight lines!”


Mystery staff #9: “Team Work!”


Mystery staff #10: “He was instrumental in getting community organizers on the Community Outreach Team to work with the CDCs, which has been a huge help to have dedicated staff act as a conduit of information to and from the CDCs and to help them become better organized.”


Mystery staff #11: “He will listen, has great ideas, and is willing to improve our working environment.”


Mystery staff #12: “His role in bringing back and stabilizing Community Outreach (organizing) as a key component of the coalition.”


Mystery staff #13: “John in on top of tasks i.e. mowing, watering plants, etc.”


Mystery staff #14: “He never loses sight of the basic actions that make us effective – accountability, discipline, integrity.”


Mystery staff #15: “He’s an avid bike rider – a little less important, but the upkeep of the building and grounds have been great.”


Mystery staff #16: “John can always provide an objective approach! This has been exceptionally helpful when working with the CDCs.”


We hope the overall message is clear: John effectively does his job as the COO, making everything on staff and on MVI grounds run smoothly. From lending a pair of socks to telling a joke at the right time, he is a boss we can count on! Tell us – what is your favorite thing about John Bixler?

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