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Dear Friends,

For the past 30 years, planning and partnership have been the keys to the success of Mon Valley Initiative—and our most important partners have been people just like you.

Think of how far we’ve come as an organization—and a region—since MVI was founded on Dec. 1, 1988.

When rusty buildings and abandoned railroads lined our waterfronts, who would have imagined that new houses, stores and offices, not to mention recreational facilities, would take their place?

When the pain of factory closings was still fresh in our minds, who would have predicted that Western
Pennsylvania would one day be held up as a model for other regions to emulate?

MVI has been proud to help coordinate the Mon Valley’s grassroots response to the displacement and
dismay we felt in the 1980s. With your support, we’ve been investing for three decades in the people of our community through career services, financial coaching and housing counseling; and in the physical landscape through rehabilitation of historic structures and construction of new housing. We’ve served thousands of people from all walks of life from throughout Western Pennsylvania.

Over the past few years, we’ve expanded our outreach further. We’re now supporting neighborhood business districts by developing commercial real estate. In 2018, we began offering services in Charleroi to better help people in the Mid-Mon Valley—and we expect to have a higher profile there in 2019.

But significant obstacles to the Mon Valley’s rebirth—blight, unemployment, lack of transportation—remain. MVI still has much work to do and we need resources to do it.

Your gifts provide a stable base of support and demonstrate to corporations, foundations and government agencies that the public appreciates our services.

It’s an honor to serve the Mon Valley, and we’re grateful for the many, many people and organizations who have invested with us over the past 30 years. You’ve helped support our growth as well as the transformation of our region. We hope to hear from you soon, and we wish you all the best in 2019!

Mary Carol Kennedy
Chair, Board of Directors

Laura R. Zinski
Chief Executive Officer

Mon Valley Initiative is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of Internal Revenue Code, and your gift may therefore be tax-deductible as a charitable contribution where permitted by law. Consult the IRS or a tax professional for information. MVI’s financial and historical data is available on our website.

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