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A Potential Homeowner?

We provide services to families and individuals who are interested in owning a home. Follow the link below for more information about our Housing Counseling and how to schedule an appointment!

A Housing Counseling Agency?

Are you already one of our subgrantees, or would you like to find out more about how being an intermediary works? Find information on MVI as a HUD National Intermediary and its subgrantees by following the link below.

About the Housing Counseling Program

To put your hands in a river is to feel the chords that bind us together…

Many people in and around the Mon Valley are familiar with our pre-purchase housing counseling services. After all, since 2004, our small but efficient team has helped over 1500 families realize their dreams of owning their own home. The Housing Counseling Program primarily provides direct housing counseling assistance to individuals who are seeking to purchase a new home. We serve a number of clients, most of whom successfully purchase homes. We’re also proud of those who determined that home ownership was not the right option for them in the short term, after they gained more knowledge through our program about the responsibilities and obligations of home ownership.

While we are immensely proud of our pre-purchase housing counseling services, our HUD Housing Counseling National Intermediary is another important aspect of our program making equally impressive waves across the country.

MVI as a HUD Intermediary

In addition to providing one-on-one pre-purchase counseling services, MVI also serves as a HUD Housing Counseling National Intermediary. Led by our HUD Intermediary Manager, MVI secures grant funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on behalf of approximately 25 housing counseling agencies across the country. MVI provides oversight to ensure that all grant funds and activities are in compliance with HUD and federal regulations.

Our national network of housing counseling agencies provides the full range of housing counseling and education services, including but not limited to pre-purchase counseling (home buying assistance), mortgage default and delinquency counseling, reverse mortgage rental assistance, and assistance for the homeless.

Serving Communities Across the Country

When the real estate bubble burst and the U.S. economy was spinning out of control, our Housing Counseling program was a stabilizing force for many agencies providing services to those squarely in the eye of the storm.

The Federal funding for housing counseling programs was cut in half, and the uncertainty brought on by delays in the budgetary process during that time threw HUD funding cycles out of sync to the point where contracts were being awarded retroactively. Understanding the importance of housing counseling services, especially in the midst of a real estate collapse, the MVI Board of Directors stayed committed to making sure MVI maintained our role as an intermediary.

In a time of a national housing crisis, educating individuals about making wise housing decisions was exactly what was needed. The leadership and stability provided by the MVI Housing Counseling program allowed our sub-grantees to offer the same level of stability in the communities they serve across the country.


Notice: All of MVI’s Housing Counseling Services are provided free of charge. MVI Housing Counseling Program participants seeking assistance to purchase homes are strongly encouraged to review their credit report information with an MVI Housing Counselor. Participants are asked for a fee of $10.00 per individual to pull their credit report information, which helps offset the total expense incurred by MVI. If you believe the credit report cost will create a financial hardship, please see the Housing Counselor to discuss the matter. No client will be refused service due to an inability to pay the $10.00 credit report fee.