HUD National Intermediary

A National Intermediary Network

As a HUD-approved housing counseling intermediary agency, MVI provides HUD grant funding to its national network of housing counseling agencies. Housing counseling agencies interested in learning more about partnering with an intermediary or working with HUD can find information by emailing our HUD Intermediary Manager.

The MVI Network

Since 2005, MVI has assisted the agencies in our intermediary network to leverage millions of dollars to provide services to thousands of households across the nation. Some of the benefits for housing counseling agencies who join our network include:

We oversee the completion and submission of HUD grant applications in behalf of our network agencies. We supervise the collection of requested data and perform extensive grant writing to complete HUD’s Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) applications for our network agencies. This significantly reduces the amount of time and effort needed for our agencies to complete these applications.

There is strength in numbers. HUD provides financial incentives, such as increased grant funding, to encourage agencies to join housing counseling networks.

The Mon Valley Initiative has primary HUD grant compliance and oversight responsibility. This allows the management staff of member agencies to devote more time to operational matters.


The Mon Valley Initiative has an established working relationship with HUD. Housing counseling agencies that have not previously worked with or been funded by HUD are able to do so through the Mon Valley Initiative.

Build peer-to-peer relationships on a nation-wide scale Each member agency can seek the advice and expertise of staff from other network agencies.