Housing Counseling Program

Guiding Your Search for a Home

Approved by both the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA), our Housing Counseling Program assists participants with realizing their dreams of homeownership.

From improving credit and finding mortgage loans, to learning about the responsibilities that come with owning a home, our program will work with you and provide the resources you need to determine if homeownership is right for you.

What is Housing Counseling?

During a counseling session, our Housing Counselor will review your credit report with you, helping you to understand what credit scores mortgage loan originators want to see and how other information affects your ability to qualify for a loan. The Housing Counselor will also help you determine the maximum mortgage you qualify for and what you can reasonably afford. If you do not already qualify for a mortgage loan, we will help you develop an action plan that, if followed, will eventually improve your financial situation and allow you to qualify for a mortgage.

Through our program, you will learn about the importance of managing your finances in order to get and keep your own home.

Types of Housing Counseling Offered by MVI

If you have an interest in our Housing Counseling Program, we offer several options to fit your needs:

  • Individual pre-purchase counseling (one-on-one setting)
  • Individual PHFA pre-closing counseling (one-on-one setting)
  • HUD-approved pre-purchase workshops (group setting)
  • PHFA pre-purchase workshops (group setting)

Our Housing Counselor has been certified by PHFA and NeighborWorks of America to provide pre-purchase services to a variety of clients. A majority of our Housing Counselor’s pre-purchase clients seek general guidance toward achieving their goal of owning a home. The Counselor also assists clients who have already been approved for a mortgage loan or grant program but are required to participate in pre-purchase education.

In addition to individual counseling, our team conducts pre-purchase workshops that give clients general information and meet the required education standards for several mortgage loan and grant programs. These workshops are provided to meet the guidelines established by HUD and PHFA.

Keep an eye on our Event Calendar for upcoming Homebuyer Workshops!

Schedule an Appointment

Unlike other housing counseling agencies where clients schedule appointments with a receptionist or are required to attend a number of workshops before receiving individual assistance, our clients schedule their appointments directly with our housing counselor.

Depending on your housing need or situation, you can make the decision to attend an upcoming group workshop or to schedule an individual counseling session.

Group workshops provide participants with an overall view of the home buying process. Topics include budgeting, finding a home, shopping for a mortgage, and the closing process and documents. We will also explain many of the terms used by mortgage lenders. Professionals such as realtors and representatives from local lenders will be present to answer questions and provide timely information about trends in the ever-changing banking and real estate industries.

After attending a group workshop, many will schedule a one-on-one counseling session with our Counselor to review and discuss their personal situation.

To schedule an appointment, you can:

1 Contact Jonathan Weaver at 412-464-4000 x.4008 or jweaver at monvalleyinitiative dot com

2 Fill out an online intake form to have Jonathan contact you, and save 15 minutes of paperwork at the beginning of your appointment. Fill Out the Online Intake Form Now

Notice: All of MVI’s Housing Counseling Services are provided free of charge. MVI Housing Counseling Program participants seeking assistance to purchase homes are strongly encouraged to review their credit report information with an MVI Housing Counselor. Participants are asked for a fee of $10.00 per individual to pull their credit report information, which helps offset the total expense incurred by MVI. If you believe the credit report cost will create a financial hardship, please see the Housing Counselor to discuss the matter. No client will be refused service due to an inability to pay the $10.00 credit report fee.