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#MakeADifference With MVI in 2015-16

We’re kicking off the 2015-16 Mon Valley Initiative (MVI) Annual Appeal and asking YOU to partner with us! MVI was built on the premise of partnership. It’s what allows us to carry out our mission of “Working together to unite the communities and restore the economic vitality of the Mon Valley” since we formed as a coalition of local Community Development Corporations (CDCs)  in 1988 .

After working together for 27 years, we have seen tremendous improvements in our communities and in the lives of many Mon Valley residents. While our work is far from done, we know that none of the success would be possible without the many partners that share our passion about revitalizing the communities where we live and work.

Please partner with us to continue revitalizing the Mon Valley by supporting our important programming efforts.  The accomplishments of the past year provide great testimony to the work of MVI and our many partners:

Your Donations . . .


We are proud to report that the MVI Housing and Real Estate Development Team and MVI’s member community development corporations have now completed 511 units of quality, affordable housing.  In addition, there are 47 more homes under construction and the financing for 56 additional units is in the process of being secured. MVI has also undertaken major planning efforts (both community-wide and site-specific) in seven of our member communities.



MVI’s Workforce and Business Development Team has directly assisted 1,709 individuals to obtain employment since the program started in 2000. Over the last year, MVI enrolled 249 people into the program and 130 participants have successfully gained employment. Of those, over 90% had to overcome major barriers to secure a job.



Pre-purchase Housing Counseling services have been provided to 394 total participants over the last year.  Of those served, 104 were able to successfully purchase homes. We are also proud of those who, after receiving this valuable educational service, decided to pursue a stronger personal financial position before making the investment in a home purchase.



MVI would not be able to list any of the significant accomplishments just described without the support of the Community Outreach Team and the many volunteer members of our CDCs and Board.  The volunteers who live and work in our member communities serve on their local CDCs and represent them on the MVI Board.  They provide the critical leadership, feedback, and guidance to the staff of MVI and they do this with the support and assistance of the MVI Community Outreach Team.  This Team is charged with supporting the organizational growth and development of each member CDC in order to ensure that the MVI coalition remains strong and deeply engaged at the local level.


MVI would like to send out a heartfelt thanks to all of our partners who are working together with us in the revitalization of the Mon Valley. We deeply appreciate the support that many of you have given to MVI in the past, and we hope that you will consider continuing to partner with us by making a contribution to our Annual Fund Drive. There are several easy ways to give your support:

Thank you! We hope to hear from you soon! Check out Mon Valley Initiative’s highlights of 2015 to read about some of our projects and accomplishments in the last year.

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