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Making a Difference in 2015

January is the month when people decide to start fresh and plan to do things a little differently in the new calendar year. Just like all the individuals who make their New Year’s Resolutions, the New Year is a chance for organizations to assess the previous year and reorganize for the coming twelve months to make them more successful than the last. Here are some of MVI’s “New Year’s Resolutions,” and what you can do to establish your own to make a difference in 2015.


Our communities are always changing. It’s up to MVI and our member communities to determine what kind and how much change will occur each year. Some of the actions we recently took at MVI and in our Community Development Corporations (CDCs) to guide the process include:

  1. Updates to organizational policies
  2. In-depth review and updating Bylaws
  3. Evaluation of our 2014 impact
  4. Setting goals for 2015
  5. Reorganization of marketing materials

If you’re looking to make a difference in 2015 and aren’t sure where to start, try evaluating these aspects of your organization:

  • Efficiency of your organization
    If your organization could be running more smoothly, try taking a look at your policies and Bylaws – it could be time for a revamp.
  • Contact with stakeholders
    Are you reminding everyone who supports your organization that they are important to your cause? Put a personal touch in personal mailings, engagement on social media, or website posts that acknowledge and address their needs!
  • Your top 2015 priorities
    Setting effective 2015 priorities means evaluating and building on what you accomplished in 2014. Make sure to dedicate time and thought to your 2015 plans to make sure you’re still on track with your main mission!

You can also check out these New Year’s Resolutions that every nonprofit should keep. Let us know what you plan to do to impact your cause!

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