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North Braddock Cares and the Carnegie Museum of Art to Build Youth-Designed Park Seating


North Braddock Cares and the Carnegie Museum of Art to Build Youth-Designed Park Seating

NORTH BRADDOCK, Pa., August 7, 2015 – North Braddock’s local Community Development Corporation (CDC), North Braddock Cares, Inc. (NBC), teamed up with the Carnegie Museum of Art, North Braddock Borough, and the Braddock Carnegie Library to lead a visioning and design-build process for North Braddock parks. Youth in the community have been working throughout the summer on designs for park seating and tables that will come to life with a hands-on build day at Recycle Park on Saturday, August 15, thanks to a grant from Vibrant Pittsburgh and the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh.

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Recycle Park, located at the corner of Bell Avenue and Verona Street in North Braddock, was once a beautiful, fully-functioning park, but the years have taken a toll on it. It now contains only the skeletons of old playground equipment and is lacking any seating or tables. In response to this local park, as well as other deteriorating conditions in North Braddock, the feeling that there is no solution for improving the community is becoming more prevalent among North Braddock residents. This project seeks to instill a new feeling: that the community can create change through collaborative decision-making.

The name “Recycle Park” reflects the “second life” of the park and the partners’ desire to revitalize the park by repurposing cast-off materials found around the neighborhood. This Build Day will begin the process to physically rebuild Recycle Park, starting at the community level. Taking on this project will allow the amenities necessary for holding future activities and community visioning sessions at the park.

The desired result of this project is a new collaborative culture for North Braddock residents and for them to have a vested interest in community improvement with a sense of belonging and pride. The hope is for Recycle Park to continue to develop and inspire similar creative revitalization initiatives in other communities, using art and creativity to bridge gaps and improve connectivity in the Pittsburgh region.

About North Braddock Cares, Inc.
North Braddock Cares, Inc. (NBC) is Community Development Corporation consisting of citizens, public officials, and business owners who are working to revitalize North Braddock. NBC knows that people are the strength of any community, and their monthly meetings provide an open environment for members to discuss opportunities and challenges facing the area and to harness the energy needed to bring about positive change. Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/North-Braddock-Cares-Inc/111488438928227?fref=ts

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