Employers and Organizations

Helping to Address Your Business Needs

Mon Valley Initiative’s Workforce & Business Development team works with you, as a regional employer, to help you address your human resource needs, from pre-screening, to assessments, to retention services.

Because job seekers join our program on a voluntary basis, the individuals we work with are very motivated and interested in obtaining employment. We provide significant professional development assistance to those individuals to prepare them for success in the workforce.

We have several resources immediately available for employers & organizations, regarding employing the job seekers in our program.

What We Offer:

1 A pipeline of job seekers who are motivated and eager to work

2 Valuable information on targeted hiring incentives for employers

3 Pre-screening services of potential employees, including assessments, informal criminal background reviews, and qualifying experience reviews

4 On-site recruitment and interviewing opportunities at our location in Homestead

5 Ongoing support to individuals hired through our program, with the goal of promoting job retention


Our program offers a number of opportunities for employers & organizations to partner with us. Interested employers can contact MVI’s Job Developer and Workforce Development Specialist & Financial Coach. Possible partnership opportunities include:

On-Site Recruitment: We regularly invite employers to present to our job seekers at our twice-weekly Job Clubs. At these presentations, employers will have the opportunity to share information about their companies, their requirements for employment, and their application process.

On-Site Interviews: We welcome you to visit MVI at our location in Homestead to host on-site interviews of our candidates. The interviews can be done as a group, or individually, according to your preference.

Mock Interviews: Mock interviews help job seekers improve their interviewing skills, contributing to their success in finding employment. This is a great opportunity for employers to shape the workforce and to potentially pre-screen candidates for open positions.

Job Fairs: Our Team holds several small, industry-specific job fairs per year in order to help employers like you find suitable job candidates. These job fairs are also promoted outside of our job seeker base in order to bring in more candidates.

Job Postings: Many employers routinely share job postings with us so that we can share them with our job seekers. We contact employers when our job seekers apply and assist both the job seeker and employer, as needed, through the candidate review/interview process.

The Workforce Development Advisory Committee: This committee helps shape the programming we offer to our job seekers and provides valuable insights into your HR process and needs. It also identifies public policy advocacy issues relevant to your business. Meetings are held quarterly.

MVI’s Workforce & Business Development Program is funded in part by a Community Services Block Grant.