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The Workforce Development & Financial Coaching Program at Mon Valley Initiative isn’t here to just help people find “any job.”

Our program is set up to help each individual identify their own skills, talents, and barriers to employment. That allows them to understand what kind of jobs they could potentially excel in and enjoy.

All of our clients are required to attend an orientation session before enrolling.

When they attend, the first thing our staff asks is for each potential client to introduce him or herself and to tell the group what job they want to look for.

Instead of saying “I’ll take any job I can get,” we encourage people to identify specific career paths in which they have experience or could choose to begin.

That’s why the motto of Workforce Development & Financial Coaching is:

Envision your dream.
Find your path.
Build your future.*

This DHS Self-Sufficiency Program is funded in part by a grant provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.




*—SM: “Envision your dream. Find your path. Build your future.” is a service mark of Mon Valley Initiative.
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