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526-534 Braddock Ave., Braddock

The Braddock Free Press complex, owned by Mon Valley Initiative, once housed the Braddock Free Press newspaper, an Odd Fellows lodge, Guentert’s Bakery and a bowling alley.

In 2014, MVI received a commitment from Allegheny County for $1.5 million to secure and renovate the former Braddock Free Press Buildings along Braddock Avenue.

Working with Disaster Restoration Services, the project was completed two years later, with the assistance of funding from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development as well as from MVI’s own Community Investment Fund.

Renovations to the buildings were completed in 2016 and the final tenant — Phillips Tank & Structure — moved into the second floor during the summer of 2018.

Other tenants include Brassero Grill, Studebaker Metals, the smartphone parking app Meter Feeder, a variety store and Camp Copeland Studios. The complex also includes seven apartments.

Mon Valley Initiative