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Rebuilding the Mon Valley 2015

The Mon Valley Initiative Housing & Real Estate Development Team works with local Community Development Corporations (CDCs) toward a renewed community by  implementing a diverse range of resident-identified revitalization strategies, including homeownership, historic preservation, planning, multi-family development, parks and public infrastructure improvements, and commercial development and marketing efforts.  The depth and diversity of our program’s

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Connecting with Our Communities 2014

The MVI Community Outreach Team maintains a deep local connection with member Community Development Corporations (CDCs) by providing guidance, supporting growth, and responding to the needs of the communities. Their successes are marked by the accomplishments of the volunteers that make up each CDC and the relationships built between residents and surrounding communities. Here are

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Your Abundant Community

“Community needs to be at the center of our thinking, no matter what results we are trying to achieve in the world.” Above is a quote by Peter Block and John McKnight, co-authors of Building Communities From the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community’s Assets. The two are prominent proponents of

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