Workforce Development Program

Assisting You in Your Job Search

Our Workforce & Business Development program provides the services listed below to individuals who want to find a job or to improve their skills. Even if you have certain barriers (criminal background, lack of transportation, etc.) you are welcome to join our program! We will assist you in your unique situation while you look for a job.

Want to meet other job seekers, hear about available job positions, and connect with even more resources? Come to one of our Job Clubs!

Career Counseling

Our Workforce & Business Development program uses a career development advice process to assist people who may be unemployed or under-employed. The process is called “Know Yourself, Know the Market, Make the Match.”

As you work through this curriculum, you will make an appointment to meet with one of our Workforce Development Specialists to explore personal and professional goals one-on-one, learn about job searching, and work through decision-making as you apply for jobs or choose a career.

“Know Yourself”

Activities in this part of the program include taking self-assessments, and using standard tools that measure “real world” skills. These are skills that employers believe are important for success in whatever job you have, at whatever level of education you received.

“Know the Market”

The second aspect of the Workforce Development curriculum includes activities such as researching your job options and finding important job search information such as “in-demand” jobs, educational requirements, and average pay.

MVI also hosts weekly Job Club meetings that participants attend to learn new job skills, share job leads that they have found, and network with job seekers. Employers often attend Job Club to discuss their companies and hiring policies in sessions called Career Exploration Workshops.

“Make the Match”

Once you are familiar with your work skills and personality and you have reviewed your options for employment, you can begin to specifically identify careers that are a match for you. At this part of the process, you will learn and practice interviewing skills and receive assistance developing your resume and cover letter. The Workforce staff will also provide advice on appropriate personal presentation and workplace conduct.

MVI Computer Class

Though it is not a requirement for program completion, participants who want or need additional computer skills can enroll in MVI’s 8-week computer literacy class. This class is held 3 days per week in 3-hour sessions in MVI’s 12-computer lab area. The program provides self-paced training on computer basics such as internet usage, Microsoft Office programs, conducting internet job searches, and submitting online job applications.

Orientation for our Workforce Development Program is from 10 a.m. to noon on the first Monday of each month, and from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month.

Call 412-464-4000 to get started!

MVI’s Workforce & Business Development Program is funded in part by a Community Services Block Grant.