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Mon Valley Initiative works to build strong relationships with a focused group of committed employer and training programs.

Our workforce advisory committee meets four times per year and offers guidance and feedback to MVI program staff on a variety of issues. Their advice and recommendations help our workforce program effectively meet the needs of employers throughout the Pittsburgh region.

The employers who serve on this committee have led focus groups with other employers and have been particularly helpful as staff have worked to assist people who face major barriers to employment, including criminal background issues.

Bill Backa

Patrick Bendel

Amber Book

Nate Broadus

Melody Carter-Frye

Renee Conte

Lindsey Coy

Rosa Davis

Tesha Ellison

Kiley Enas

Mary Jo Guercio

Dorenda Hamerlund

Dawn Hargraves

Peter Harvey

Linda Jack

Karen Johnson-Russel

Amy Lasota

Jessica Luffy

Mary Petrusch

Julius Ridgley

Kevin Solomon

Will Stennett

Marsha Turner

Renee Varga

Terry Ward

Darlene West

Ken Yonek

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