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Mon Valley Initiative’s investments in the communities that it serves are proving their value.

Just 10 years ago, people selling homes in some of those municipalities struggled to find buyers at prices under $40,000. Today, in many cases, MVI is successfully selling homes for twice that — or more.

Market values are increasing in MVI’s target communities, thanks to a comprehensive development strategy that combines high-quality reuse of historic structures, planning that’s sensitive to neighborhood needs, and blight removal and reduction.

Our work is far from done. Many MVI communities are attempting to reverse two generations of abandonment and disinvestment. As a result, the real estate markets remain very fragile.

Nevertheless, over the past decade, MVI has leveraged $40 million in direct new investment. These investments have ensured a new supply of quality, affordable housing for buyers and renters, and re-affirmed real estate values for existing property owners while also encouraging new private development.

The map below shows all of MVI’s projects, including new construction, rehab for resale, and rental units, since 2006.

To find out more about some of our recent projects, click the links below:

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