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  • 305 E. 8th Ave., Homestead, PA 15120

Clairton Cares is a collaborative initiative of local residents and service providers committed to organizing an effective network of community health activism to accomplish transformational change in our collective well-being. Our approach recognizes the societal issues of systemic racism and poverty as root causes of the city’s most persistent threats. Following the framework of Trauma Informed Community Development, our approaches includes:

  • Organized and accountable resources: coordination of a community-based and wellness-oriented health and human service network
  • Advancing programs focused on community healing and leadership development
  • Advocacy, in solidarity with residents, for local and regional priorities that promote healthy and resilient communities

For more information about Clairton Cares, contact Maddie Nagel, MVI community outreach specialist, at mnagel@monvalleyinitiative.com.

Produce Market Place

The Produce Market Place, 519 St. Clair Ave., Clairton, is a program of the Clairton Cares Initiative and is designed to provide fresh, healthy fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products and other grocery items, as well as a community clearinghouse for information.