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A Love Note to the Mon Valley

Today is a day to acknowledge the place we call home for all the things we love about it. In honor of Love Note Day (September 26, 2014), we have compiled a list of the little things in the Mon Valley that move and inspire us and put them together in a heartfelt tribute.


Dear Mon Valley,

You’re a place where we are fortunate to live, work, and work for. We are proud to be part of something so extraordinary as your network of communities so dedicated to revitalization and positive change.

The rich history of your over-100-year-old homes and buildings, and the Steel Valley towns that our forefathers worked so hard to build and re-develop, are difficult to sum up in a few short words. Places like Kennywood, the Grand View Golf Club, and your river and bike trails leave us speechless.

To everyone who knows your communities, you are a region characterized by a spirit of determination and perseverance and a place where change is encouraged and embraced. Without you, the world would be missing the inspiration of residents who take such tremendous pride in their communities, the ones who stayed in the Mon Valley to fight for restoration of their local heritage. Without you, we could not be the Mon Valley Initiative.

We are certain that your communities, filled with people of strong values and deep integrity, will keep building on the stories of their past to allow those stories to continue into the future. We believe in your potential for continued community growth and economic development.

Happy Love Note Day!



It’s not too late to write your own love note to the Mon Valley! Share yours today on social media using the hashtag #LoveNoteDay, and be sure to tag Mon Valley Initiative!

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